Local Discounts

What are our Local Discounts?

Local Discounts offers a great way for advertisers to share their business with our readers by limiting the risk to try a good or service. Our Local Discounts page came as a way to offer both our advertisers and our readers in Santa Barbara a win-win situation. Unlike most discount sites, our page is focused to health and fitness conscious individuals who tend to be more motivated consumers. These are the influencers in our community and are often looked up to by their peers. If they weren’t out trying new things, they wouldn’t be here on our site. We created our Local Discounts to allow them to try your business with a reduced risk.

Let us know how we can help you offer a discount to our readers.

What should it look like?

Not So Fine Print::

  • All ads must be geared towards reader savings
  • All ads must be approved for all audiences and the editorial staff reserves the right to refuse any ad
  • Text ads are welcome, but they don’t tend to look as cool
  • Image ads must be 72 dpi resolution and can’t be more than 710 pix wide and 450 pix tall to appear on the main page. Larger ads are welcome, but will be displayed on a separate page. No placement is guaranteed unless stated in written and signed agreement. If you need help, just let us know.
  • You must be extra special to all our Santa Barbara Fitness Magazine readers because they all rock. No exceptions!
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