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  • What area does SB Fitness Cover? +

    SB Fitness covers the entire Central Coast. The focus is Santa Barbara, Montecito, Summerland, Goleta, Carpinteria, Ventura, and Ojai. We also cover events happening in other areas that our team feels would be of interest to the local residents.
  • Who is Santa Barbara Fitness Magazine (SB Fitness)? +

    We're a team of dedicated health and fitness enthusiasts who want to bring the community current topics of interest to help everyone get active, stay active, and have fun. You can find more about our team on the Santa Barbara Fitness Team Page.
  • Why the name SB Fitness? +

    SB Fitness stands for Santa Barbara Fitness. When we first came out in print in the early 2000's, we wanted a URL that was short and could easily be found and typed in.
  • How can I get my event covered and promoted? +

    If you have an event, we'd love to share it with our audience. We often do in-kind advertising with local organizations to help cross promote. We canInclude you in our event calendar.
    • Do a short piece on your event (if given enough notice).
    • Do a video interview with the organizer or a representative for our site, YouTube channel, and social media.
    • Include you in our newsletter.
    • Include you in our advertising.
    • We are the only dedicated health and fitness resource in the area and as such, we're the perfect venue to get your message out there to potential customers and participants.
  • Do you have fitness magazines in other cities? +

    We are working on several others at the moment. The response has been overwhelmingly great and we're so happy so many people are finding out website useful and coming back regularly.
  • I noticed that you often highlight photographers. How do I get a shot at being one of them? +

    We believe a picture can be worth a thousand words and we love to promote photographers who can capture the active lifestyle for our Bodies in Motion section. We do not charge for our resource and we are not able to pay for photography (although we think it's of tremendous value). We get contacted regularly from people looking for photographers and models to shoot in the Santa Barbara and Los Angeles area. We've gotten two inquires for referrals in the past week (as this is being written) and we always point them to those that have contributed. Email us a few samples and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!
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