Immunity-Boosting Beauties

No one plans on getting sick, but this winter friends and family seem to be dropping like flies with this latest bug going around. So how do you protect yourself from catching it?
Boost your immune system now, don’t wait until you start to get sick to think about it.

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A Minimal Commitment

The past two months, my training partner and running coach Rob DeCou has written about minimalist training for the “Are You Tough Enough?” ultramarathon. Yeah, that means I am the poor schmuck that got talked into running a 65-mile foot race through the mountains behind Santa Barbara. No, I’m not exactly sure what I have gotten myself into. And yes, I do know that we are crazy.

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Ask the Expert—Dr. Izzy Lira

Q: What are the differences between running on the street and trail running?

A: Running is a high-impact sport, which can cause achy joints, irritated tendons, and sometimes IT band tightness. While you may think that running on soft surfaces may help lower the strain on your body, this may not always be the case. Runners who run on softer surfaces don’t always have fewer injuries than those who run on asphalt or concrete. If you’re new to running, start either on a treadmill, track, or the streets around town. Start with just a mile or two at first and slowly increase time and miles spent running and you will build stamina for longer runs.

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Out of the Box

BeachBody Brings P90X Certification to a Gym Near You

By now, we’ve all seen the infomercials for the fitness phenomenon known as P90X and have marveled at the rigorous routines and remarkable results. But for many of us, the idea of going it alone at home and maintaining motivation seems as probable as pulling-off a one-arm pull-up. That’s why the folks at Beachbody, the brains behind the best-selling box-set of workout DVDs, have come up with a solution.

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Are You Tough Enough?—Part II

If you’re thinking about training for a marathon or a distance longer than a marathon, there many resources available. Unfortunately, the numerous diverse resources offer as nearly as many diverse views on how to train train. Is there any one best way to train?

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Swell Shape

Santa Barbara is home to some world-class surf breaks but is not known for having consistently big surf. Point Conception and the Channel Islands create a very narrow window for swells to sneak past, but when larger northwest swells arrive in winter, the aforementioned breaks come out of hibernation and start to fire! Surfing is all about

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