Inspiration of the Week

Today is the day to inspire and be inspired.

Inspiration. It’s the motivation that drives us and the little push that convinces us to make that leap. We are always in need of a little inspiration, whether that is through words that speak to your soul, a transfromational story, or an image that speaks for itself. At Santa Barbara Fitness Magazine we want you to be inspired so that you may also be the inspiration to others. We are dedicated to bringing you new things that inspire us and you each week. Go further to find this week’s inspiration.

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Vegan Variety

Santa Barbara’s dining scene for health-conscious cuisine has long been a temptation for enlightened epicureans. But many remain vague about eating vegan and where to find it. Fortunately, downtown is now graced with two sensational new vegan venues that will astound and delight even the most carnivorous of customers.

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The Case for Carbs

To be, or not to be…gluten-free. That seems to be the dietary question of the day. Going to a gluten-free diet is gaining ground fast, and for many, it’s a necessity. But some may be confused as to what gluten is and mistakenly try to eliminate carbs altogether. As the body needs carbohydrates, it’s important to differentiate between the various types and how the body processes these. Or, as in the case with gluten, how some bodies do not.

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Shades of Winter

Capturing the natural world comes naturally for Marc Muench, renowned master of the lens. A third-generation photographer, Muench—who was born, raised, and currently resides in Santa Barbara—carries on the family tradition of taking transcendent landscape imagery, but artfully adds the human dynamic.

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October’s Race Showcase

Fall is no time to drop the ball when it comes to getting out there and getting it done. And what better way to enjoy harvest season’s festive air than by reaping the bodily benefits of these runs and rides.

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November’s Race Showcase

This month, several highly-awaited races and events promise rewards to all who partcipate. And while there are many worthy candidates for consideration, here’s our vote:

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Craving Control

Why do we crave certain foods?

Our willpower has little strength when our body seeks to balance its blood pH (acidity and alkalinity levels) and maintain nutritional homeostasis. Whenever we experience a craving, our body is trying to restore that balance or to satisfy a nutritional need.

 A centered diet includes foods that are in a balanced ratio of nutrients. Meals out of measure lead to snacking which can lead to further imbalances. And food processing destroys nutrients, resulting in empty-calories which will also throw off our nutritional equilibrium.

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