Workouts for the Trail for Hikers of All Levels

“Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.”- Ralph Waldo Emerson

In the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives, there is no question as to why hiking is a beneficial workout. Hiking is a breath of fresh air from crowded gyms, intense and busy work days, and the overall fast-paced lifestyle in which most of us live today. From the fresh air, the trees, and great views, hiking presents new challenges and experiences and exposes you to your local environment. Hiking can also improve physical and mental health, and can be a fun social activity for you and our friends or workout buddies. 

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Gauchos and Supporters Work and Play Hard at Harder Stadium: 2013 Gaucho Gallop Recap

Gaucho alumni and Santa Barbara community members flocked to the UCSB campus this weekend for the 6th Annual Gaucho Gallop. As the day’s festivities commenced, a surge of Gaucho pride, athleticism, enthusiasm, and a bit of silliness filled Harder Stadium.

The day began with the Diogi Dog Dash, a race for Dog owners and their furry friends. Steve Harding and his canine companion won three months worth of dog food from Diogi, for completing the Dog Dash in 2 minutes, 35 seconds. This year’s 10K winner,

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The Bitter Truth About Sugar-Sweetened Beverages

You’re midway through your workday, and you start to crash. Water won’t cut it, so you reach for a soda at the nearest vending machine. The sugary drink will put the pep back in your step, but do you know how it will affect your body in the long-term? Studies show that these drinks can lead to increased risk of obesity and other serious health issues.

There have been countless studies on the topic of sugary drinks, and lately with the addition of the new My Plate food pyramid, awareness has increased about the health risks of sugar consumption, resulting in a push for the avoidance of sugary beverages.  This issue is so prevalent that the first tip on My Plate’s “Tips For Healthy Eating When Eating Out” page reads: “As a beverage choice, ask for water…or other drinks without added sugars.”  With diagnoses of diabetes and obesity increasing exponentially–especially in children–the war on sugar seems to be stronger than ever.

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To The Beat of Your Own Drum: Pump Up Playlists for Your Next Five-Mile Run

No one can deny the immense power of music. When that nostalgic tune from your childhood fills your ears, do you find yourself day dreaming about your past?  When your favorite song comes on the radio on your way to work, do you get a boost of energy?  Music is a form of expression unlike any other that I have encountered in this lifetime, and it can instill such strong emotions in its listeners, no matter what the genre.  Music is so influential, in fact, that it can increase your energy

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Local non-profit encourages kids to Sprout Up

In today’s age of technology, its likely that a child in elementary school would be more concerned with the preservation of their Angry Birds score on their mother’s iPhone than the preservation of real birds in their community. In fact, the concepts of preservation and sustainability rarely cross the minds of modern children, except perhaps in a few lessons about the environment and recycling during their science units. Fortunately, Sprout Up – a local non-profit organization – is bringing environmental education to our young ones, and giving them the credit that they deserve.

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Gauchos Gallop Back to UCSB Campus for All Gaucho Reunion

On the morning of Saturday, April 27, the 6th annual Gaucho Gallop will take place on the UC Santa Barbara campus, in conjunction with the 7th annual All Gaucho Reunion. The day includes many exciting events including the Diogi Dog Dash, 5K and 10K runs, the Gaucho Challenge, and a Kids’ Dash. Although there are discounted fees for UCSB students, alumni, faculty and staff, these events are open to all members of the Santa Barbara and Goleta communities.

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Walk for Brain Injury Comes to Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara’s first Walk for Brain Injury will be held on April 6 at Leadbetter Beach. The walk will start at 10 a.m. and is open to all ages and abilities. The Brain Injury Association of California’s Walk for Brain Injury is now in its 6th year, and the walk is being held in cities across California from March 2 to May 5. Fortunately, Jodi House Brain Injury Support Center has teamed up with BIACAL to bring the walk to Santa Barbara.

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