The Power of the Coconut

When you envision a coconut, what do you see? Let me guess: golden sand, crystal-clear waters, and palm fronds swaying in the wind with only a few robust brown coconuts holding them down. As lovely of a setting as that is, this exotic fruit has more recently made its way out of the tropics and into the home as a household staple. From nutrition to beauty to cleaning, coconut products have recently become a popular choice because of their countless natural benefits.

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Good Vibrations in Santa Barbara

There’s a certain machine shaking up Santa Barbara’s fitness world, no pun intended. Over the last few years, whole body vibration technology has found its place in local gyms and even spas, providing clients with a number of proclaimed benefits. Whole body vibration machines are used to improve and increase important aspects of fitness, health, and beauty, including:

  •  Blood Circulation
  •  Core Stability
  •  Cortisol/Stress Hormone Reduction
  • Muscle Strength 
  •  Muscle Recovery
  •  Human Growth Hormone Production
  •  Flexibility
  • Metabolism 
  •  Lymphatic Flow
  •  Range of Motion
  • Bone Density 
  •  Collagen Production
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