A mom? A runner? A triathlete? Where Do You Belong?

A Mom? A Runner? A Triathlete? Where Do You Belong?

If you weren’t already aware, Santa Barbara has a HUGE fitness community (and really beautiful people…it must be something in the air). Santa Barbara holds a number of athletic events ranging anywhere from night runs to ocean swims. These events are a great way to be involved within the athletic community. In addition, there is a large array of athletic teams and clubs in which the problem for many becomes which to join. Many teams and clubs in town offer coaching, individual training, team unity, fundraising opportunities, discounts and more – but it is important to note that each one is different in its own way. I know it sounds cliché, but it is true and it is important to find the one that best suites you! In order to help with your club/team picking journey, I have highlighted a few in town to jump-start your search.

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Outer Aisle Gourmet: Vegetables in Disguise

From the displays in the media to political campaigns, the importance of maintaining a healthy diet is undeniable. Because of this, people are always looking for more creative ways to improve their eating habits, whether its going gluten-free, eating Paleo, or switching to a vegetarian diet. However, in many cases, people eventually find their way back to those not-so-healthy foods America loves so much. So, what’s the secret to finding that perfect balance between healthy

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