10 Steps to Help You Get Ready for Spring Break

Some how it happens every year- one minute you are wearing layer upon layer, feasting on comfort food and sipping hot cocoa near a warm fire on the couch, and the next the sun has reappeared and it is time to slip back into that itty-bitty bikini. No matter how hard we try, it seems that those itty-bitty bikinis become even more itty-bitty after a holiday season’s worth of lounging and indulging. While it is important to enjoy and indulge during the holidays, moderation is key in order to avoid falling into “panic mode” weeks before Spring Break.

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A Taste of Tangerine

Hike of the Month: Tangerine Falls

Length of Trail: Roughly 3 miles round trip

Elevation: Approximately 950 feet at base of fall

Level of Difficulty: Moderate to Strenuous

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