Why Women Should Lift Weights

Alright ladies, we know when you hear the term weightlifting you think of bulging biceps or thunderous thighs that make you look freakishly ripped. But unless you are consuming pounds of protein or large doses of hormones on a daily basis, this will not be the case. Weightlifting has a lot of benefits for women that often go unnoticed. Instead of thinking of it as weight training, think of it as strength training. Research shows that completing two strength-training sessions a week can help you burn more fat overall and sculpt those lean muscles that you are striving for. So take a break from your usual cardio routines and opt for a strength-training exercise a few times a week. Here are some reasons why you should start today!

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Healthy Snack Foods

Everyone strives to find those healthy snack foods to hold them over for their next meal without turning to the typical junk food choices that fill you up fast and leave you hungry soon after. The trick is to find meals that are high in both fiber and protein, which allows for a slower digestion. As a result, it leaves you feeling fuller longer.

Snacking is all a part of following a healthy balanced diet, however it is important to stick to low-calorie snacks and to plan them accordingly between meals. It is logical to believe that cutting calories will often leave you still feeling hungry, but with the right choices it is possible to pick foods that substitute the lack of caloric value with higher protein content. When you choose baked snacks such as potato chips, you are adding empty calories to your daily requirement instead of gaining any nutritional value. You are fooling your body that you are filling up when in reality you are eating snacks that will leave you feeling even hungrier afterwards. Oftentimes these poor chosen snacks may even have more calories than a full healthy meal.

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