Sportwall: Entering a New Era of Youth Fitness


Over the last decade, the rate of childhood obesity in America has grown drastically. While some reasons for this epidemic may include genetics or poor diet, the rise of technology and computer games has greatly contributed to a growing number of inactive adolescents. Youth exercise affects not just physical health, but attitude and test scores as well. Luckily, Sportwall, located in Carpinteria, has developed an innovative way of using modern technology to improve, rather than inhibit, physical health for people around the world. Who knew that computer games could make you fit? Well, now they can. Through their “XerGames” that are now making their way into hundreds of schools, fitness clubs, and family programs around the world, Sportwall has found a way to improve hand-eye coordination, raise enthusiasm, and bring teamwork skills to everyone involved.

So what exactly are XerGames? Some may include your conventional Xbox programs, only the hand controller is modified so that the players must move their bodies to move the characters on screen, incorporating isometrics into popular video games. Or how about the Performance PT wall that lights up when players jump, squat, and pivot to hit targets. Sounds fun? It is, even for the seemingly shy or unathletic participant. According to Tom Flynn, District Vice President of the YMCA of South Hampton Roads, “Sportwall has provided us with a variety of opportunities to serve all ages and abilities in a fun, non-intimidating environment.”

Tom West, the Vice President of Sales, explains that the idea of Sportwall is to achieve an interactive fitness center that sparks enthusiasm for exercise. “My long term goal is to have these XerGames in as many fitness centers around the world to rid the high obesity rate.”

To say the least, the results have been truly groundbreaking. It’s amazing to see the transformation kids undergo from standing idly off to the side to leading the relay team or outscoring their active peers. As the Sportwall business continues to grow, we can count on seeing a happier and healthier generation of young adults in both our community and around the globe.

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