RussaYog: Rope-Based Yoga


Jasprit and Tesesa Singh are introducing a new and powerful style of yoga to the world. The new style of yoga called RussaYog, (Russa means rope in Sanskrit) uses overhead anchored ropes for a program that builds a tremendous amount of strength and develops a strong core. Jasprit and Teresa is hosting a ten day training and certification retreat in Santa Barbara for eight instructors from across the country and Europe. They hope to encourage people to experience this powerful new style of yoga for a complete body workout, and a heightened state of awareness and flexibility.

What is RussaYog?

RussaYog is a mind, spirit, body program that is designed to develop balance, strength, and flexibility. Using ropes attached overhead, it simulates relaxing, joyful, and stressful conditions to help one face life with calmness and optimism. It creates a strong mind-body connection through locking the mind into the movements, and pushing the body to the limit. The workout covers Pranayama, a breathing sequence, Bal-lila, a fast paced aerobic workout using one’s own body weight, and Asana, building strength alternating between poses and rest.

How does RussaYog work?

Although yoga rarely uses props or equipment, using ropes allows one to use gravity to create stresses that are impossible to attain through traditional poses. The rope is free-flowing and anchored on a beam that can hold the student’s body weight. Using ropes allows the practitioner to manipulate the direction of the force of gravity to help reach one’s limits in balance, strength, and flexibility safely and quickly.

What are the benefits of RussaYog?

RussaYog offers a full body workout and a tremendous mind-body connection. By using all the muscles together, it creates a union that intensely challenges and strengthens the muscles. RussaYog combines elements of yoga which improve balance and flexibility, and elements of strength training through using the resistance of one’s own body. It is especially effective for developing strong core muscles, and maintaining a proper, erect posture. RussaYog practitioners can develop a strong and lean body. Most important, it will give one emotional calmness, optimism, and create confidence.

Can anyone practice RussaYog?

Anyone from athletes, children, office-workers, or beginners can practice this style of yoga. RussaYog is also effective for people with low mobility, because the ropes offer support and balance. RussaYog can also be used for physical therapy.

RussaYog is currently only offered at Jasprit and Teresa’s studio in Ann Arbor, Michigan. However, they expect to introduce their new style of yoga nationwide, and plan to open a studio in Santa Barbara over the next year. To learn more about RussaYog, visit

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