Get Buns of Steel Without Even Leaving Your Chair!

Bound to your desk and chair all day? I feel your pain. It would be so nice if we could just get up and shake our booty, or trade those pumps for sneakers for a quick run around the block every few hours, or bust out some military style push ups.

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Sand, Sun, and Sweat!

One may check out gyms, training studios, or an awe inspiring workout class to captivate that summer body we all crave. But with summer just around the corner, I ask you to consider the most beautiful facility that nature has given us; our local beaches. The beach is one of the most over looked locations to get away from it all and let go. Whether it be a day of beach volleyball, kayaking, or simply taking a walk, the beach is an aesthetically beautiful setting which sets the tone for any workout routine you may have. It is uplifting and peaceful, and one can escape or join in with others in various activities. Being near the water also has a very tranquil effect for a meditative and relaxing workout.

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Joseph’s Workout Program

A solid workout program should challenge ALL the essential components of the body. These include:

-Core stabilization & Strength


-Reactive Training


-Cardiovascular System


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Sportwall: Entering a New Era of Youth Fitness

Over the last decade, the rate of childhood obesity in America has grown drastically. While some reasons for this epidemic may include genetics or poor diet, the rise of technology and computer games has greatly contributed to a growing number of inactive adolescents. Youth exercise affects not just physical health, but attitude and test scores as well. Luckily, Sportwall, located in Carpinteria, has developed an innovative way of using modern technology to improve, rather than inhibit, physical health for people around the world. Who knew that computer games could make you fit? Well, now they can. Through their “XerGames” that are now making their way into hundreds of schools, fitness clubs, and family programs around the world, Sportwall has found a way to improve hand-eye coordination, raise enthusiasm, and bring teamwork skills to everyone involved.

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Nordic Pole Walking: Walk Outside the Box

The low-impact, often low-intensity exercise of walking has long proved to be beneficial for those who wish to lose weight with less wear and tear on their joints. Walking allows for socializing and often serves as a great alternative to driving. Lucky for us, in recent years a new and even more beneficial form of walking has been popularized.

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RussaYog: Rope-Based Yoga

Jasprit and Tesesa Singh are introducing a new and powerful style of yoga to the world. The new style of yoga called RussaYog, (Russa means rope in Sanskrit) uses overhead anchored ropes for a program that builds a tremendous amount of strength and develops a strong core. Jasprit and Teresa is hosting a ten day training and certification retreat in Santa Barbara for eight instructors from across the country and Europe. They hope to encourage people to experience this powerful new style of yoga for a complete body workout, and a heightened state of awareness and flexibility.

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