Keeping Fit in the Fall


Those three glorious months of sun, beach and barbecues are steadily coming to an end. But as students return to school and the weather begins to cool, one thing that doesn’t need to change is your fitness regimen. It might not be bikini season anymore but that doesn’t mean your workout routine slows down. On the contrary, fall is a great time to start and maintain a fitness program that will help you prepare for the upcoming holiday season.

As the longer and warmer clothes come out it may be harder to keep motivated in the fall. It’s important to set goals for your fall fitness, just as you may have for summer. Instead of making a goal to look good in a bathing suit maybe your fall goal is to fit into those skinny jeans or run further with out stopping etc. Setting an exercise goal is essential to maintaining a healthy workout regimen.

Embrace the change of weather by diversifying your workout routine and taking advantage of the cooler temperatures by exercising outdoors.


Outdoor Workouts

  1. Running -It can be difficult to go for long runs when the sun is beating down on you, luckily the cooler autumn temperatures will allow you to run for longer distances without putting you in danger of heat stroke and severe dehydration.
  2. Hiking– Santa Barbara has some great hiking trails that you should take advantage of in the fall. The cooler weather will make for some scenic trails.
  3. Yoga– Inhale the crisp autumn air, while centering your body and mind with yoga. Detoxify and calm the body post-summer, by meditating and improving your flexibility.
  4. Biking– Go for a long bike ride around the city or in the mountains. Challenge yourself by biking up bluffs and pushing your speed over 10 mph, but even keeping to a leisurely pace is a great way to keep active and healthy.

If it’s too cold or raining, and you don’t want to workout outdoors then try some of these effective indoor exercises that focuses on the development of core strength and cardio, in order to develop a solid fitness base for the upcoming new year.

Central Park foliage photo-walk, Nov 2009 - 51

Indoor Workouts

  1. Squats– These are great for building a stronger lower body, while also increasing hormone release and improving flexibility.
  2. Deadlifts– Try this exercise for a leaner and more defined physique, weight loss and muscle strength.
  3. The Plank– This exercise will help strengthen your midsection, upper-body and lower-body muscles along the front of your body. Planks also strengthen inner core muscles that support your joints.
  4. Burpees–  One of the single most effective and complete, whole-body conditioning exercise would probably be the burpee. No other movement on the planet will work as many muscle groups, whilst at the same time massively improving your endurance, stamina and cardiovascular conditioning.

These are just a few indoor and outdoor workouts that you can try this fall. Remember that keeping fit and motivated in the fall will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle all year round.

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