Joseph’s Workout Program


A solid workout program should challenge ALL the essential components of the body. These include:

-Core stabilization & Strength


-Reactive Training


-Cardiovascular System


When these systems are trained PROPERLY the body becomes highly functional. You will be able to move freely in many planes of motion, at different tempos, with great control, strength and endurance-pain free! This translates into better performance not only in the gym but outside it as well. One of my favorite workout programs that embodies all of these attributes is called Stabilization Equivalent Training.

Stabilization Equivalent Training (SET) is a style of training that involves supersetting a strength exercise followed by a stabilization exercise of the same muscle group ( ie., Dumbbell chest press followed by a stability ball pushup). The program is executed circuit style where you perform one exercise followed by the next with minimal to no rest time between sets. Once the entire series of exercises is completed rest for 60 seconds then, go hammer out round 2 of the exact same exercises. This workout covers a high volume of work in a short period of time ( 60-75 minutes) so be prepared it’s INTENSE!

A few notes on the rationale of training: All workout programs should be both systematic and progressive.


MOVEMENT PREP (5-10 minutes)

Series of 8-10 exercises used to warm-up and prepare the body for the upcoming demands of the workout by dynamically moving the muscles through a full range of motion.

CORE/BALANCE Sets / Reps Resistance Tempo Rest
Opposite Limb Raise 2×24   2 second hold  
Ball Crunch 2×30   3-2-1  
Single Leg MB Shop 2×20 5-10 BW 2 second hold 30 secs
Squat Jumps with Rotation 2-3×12   Repeating 30 secs  
Y,T,L (Shoulder capsule warm-up) 1×2   1-1-1  
Pull Ups 2-3×10-12   2-0-2  
Single Arm/Leg Cable Row 2×12   3-2-1  
DB Chest Press 2×2   2-0-2  
Stability Ball Push Up 2×2   3-2-1  
Barbel Squats 2-3×10-12   2-0-2  
Lateral Lunge w/ Balance 2×24   controlled  
Standing Shoulder Press 2×2   2-0-2  
Y-T-Cobra (on Ball) 2×12-15   1-1-1  
Single Leg DB Bicep Curl 2×12   3-2-1  
Ball DB Triceps Extension 2×12   3-2-1  
DB Calf Raise 2×15-20   1-1-1 60 secs



Calves—Chest—Adductors—Psoas (hip flexors)—Hamstrings—90-90 (Low back, hips, shoulders), Lats

*hold all stretches 30 sec or longer

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