Get Buns of Steel Without Even Leaving Your Chair!


Bound to your desk and chair all day? I feel your pain. It would be so nice if we could just get up and shake our booty, or trade those pumps for sneakers for a quick run around the block every few hours, or bust out some military style push ups.

But how much work could you actually finish if you were doing jumping jacks every time you got up to go to the printer? And how much work could your coworkers manage to do with Miss Energizer Bunny running around?

If you could sneak in some discrete exercises to keep you fit, limber, and healthy, wouldn’t that be lovely? Here are a few exercises you can do at the office, without even getting out of your chair!

S-t-r-e-t-c-h! It’s very important to incorporate stretching into your day, because it can prevent you from feeling stiff as a board, or getting “pins and needles” when you stand up.

  • Stretch your neck by flexing your head forward and backward, and side to side by looking left and right. Make sure you don’t roll your head around, because that could damage joints in your neck
  • Roll your wrists to avoid carpal tunnel syndrome, and roll your ankles to improve blood circulation
  • To shrink your waistline, do side stretches by raising your arms over your head and leaning over to each side as far down as you can safely go. This feels really good if you’ve been sitting and typing for a long time. But be careful if you are sitting on a chair with wheels. You don’t want to go sliding across your office!
  • To reverse the hunching position in front of the computer, open your arms wide, (like you are going to give your computer a hug) and rotate your hands so that your thumbs point up and back. Now pull your shoulders back and feel an amazing stretch. You can also perform this move with a resistance band for an even deeper stretch.

Flex those muscles! Now that you’ve warmed up your stiff muscles, it’s time to feel the burn. These moves will rev up your metabolism so even if you get stuck at your chair all day, you can continue being that lean, mean, fat burning machine that you are.

  • Get your paws on a hand gripper, and squeeze your way to toned forearms
  • Trade in your office chair for a stability ball, and sit on it with your back straight and abs firm. You can bounce on it, or do quick toning moves while talking on the phone
  • When you are sitting in your chair, work your way to sexy calves by lifting your legs onto the balls of your feet and setting them back down. Repeat until you feel the burn and repeat throughout the day
  • Keep your upper body toned by raising your arms straight over your head, out to the sides and out behind you. This move will get your heart rate up to increase your metabolism
  • March your feet in place
  • Squeeze your butt cheeks!

Chair training! For the more coordinated, these sit-down moves will surely whip you into shape.

  • Do some ab crunches. Sit back in your chair and keep your back straight. Cross your arms over your chest and crunch down towards your knees by exhaling and engaging your abdominal muscles as tight as you can (photo courtesy of Jorge Cruise on
  • Kick it up a notch with reverse crunches. Sit near the edge of the chair and keep your back straight, and lift your toes off the floor a few inches, with your knees still bent. Lean back (hold on to the arms of the chair for more support) and bring your knees up to your chest, and lower
  • Work your bigger leg muscles with this move: sit up straight near the edge of your chair. Hold onto the arms of the chair for support, and extend your legs out and up in front of you, toes facing the ceiling. Lower your legs down without letting them touch the floor
  • Pretend you are riding a bicycle. Sitting at the edge of your chair with your back straight and abs tight, lean back, hold onto the chair for support, lift your legs up and move them as if you are riding a bike. Can you make it to 30 seconds? It’s a challenge!

These exercises should keep you energized and fit, to breeze through your day. Take office productivity to a whole new level!

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