Welcome to Goleta


Goleta is located just above Santa Barbara along the California coast. This relatively new city, as it was just declared an official city in 2002, has a population of approximately 30,000 people and continues to grow. It primarily consists of Caucasian residents but there is a significant population of Latino families that live in the area as well.


As is the case with the entire Santa Barbara area, Goleta was originally inhabited by the Chumash. The well known Chumash Casino Resort is nearby in the neighboring city of Santa Ynez. Goleta is perhaps best known, however, for its close proximity to the University of California, Santa Barbara campus and the largely student-populated Isla Vista.

Being a coastal city that that lies at the foot of the Santa Ynez Mountains, Goleta has a range of scenic attributes that make it a prime tourist destination in California. Its versatile scenery and association with the college community make it a truly unique and youthful environment that is worth visiting.

The Butterfly Preserve
Among the city’s scenic attributes are the Goleta Butterfly Grove and the Coronado Butterfly Preserve where every year beginning in October, thousands of butterflies, Monarch Butterflies in particular, congregate in massive colonies that roost in the Eucalyptus canopies. Goleta is also home to many beautiful beaches including Refugio State Beach and Goleta County Beach. Both are great for swimming, picnics, and sunset walks and Refugio State Beach even offers campsites for those who want to stay for few nights.

Goleta is also rich in history and its oldest frame house, built in 1873, still stands today on Lake Carneros. The Stow House has been restored and decorated with beautiful period furnishings, clothing, toys, and memorabilia by the Goleta Historical Society and serves as a Railroad Museum. The popular attraction can be fun for anyone and is definitely worth checking out.

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