Kid’s Swimming Workout


Looking for an awesome way to get your kid active and having fun?

Swimming is the perfect way for your child to get healthy and having a great time! Many doctors and athletes agree that swimming is one of the best workouts a person can do.

Swimming is an excellent cardiovascular exercise that works almost every major muscle group in the process. In addition to being an outstanding workout, the resistance and buoyancy of the water is very light on one’s joints and bones. With other sports, the pounding of joints on the ground can be very harmful to your child’s developing body. However, the buoyancy of the water makes swimming practically injury free, ensuring that your child’s growth will be as smooth as possible!

The Olympian, Mark Warkentin, head coach at the local Santa Barbara Swim Club is a huge advocate for getting kids involved in swimming early on. He believes that swimming is like a language-the skill is very easy to pick up at a young age and the stays with you throughout your life. It is a great idea to introduce your child to a sport that they can continue to enjoy throughout their lifetime. Mark expressed, “In our society right now with texting and so much instant communication, kids go from school to home to their computer and often lack time to just unplug themselves from everything.” However, when you’re face down in the water completely detached from electronics and communication, it gives you quality time to focus on yourself, thoughts, emotions, and strive for individual improvement. Mark notices many kids enjoying this time for reflection and sees it as an excellent maturing process.

The kids swim program at Santa Barbara Swim Club creates a nice balance between individual swimming and interaction with other swimmers. Whether it be a nice ‘social kick’ between sets or a good break for kids get to catch up on their day-to-day lives, the social aspect allows kids to have fun and build friendships while building their skills.

With some of the best weather in the world, Santa Barbara is the perfect place to take up this amazing hobby. It’s easy to get your child started in a local swim program! Santa Barbara Swim Club is one of the most highly recommended programs around. From top-notch swimmers to beginners, there is place for kids of all levels! To get started, call the number: (805)966-9757.

Some other great programs include:
Santa Barbara Aquatics Club: (805)886-5511
Wendy Fereday Swim School:(805) 964-7818
Recreational Department of UCSB: (805) 893-2501
YMCA: (805) 687-7727

This is a great way for your child to relieve stress, feel mentally refreshed, and interact with other kids-not to mention get their dosage of Vitamin D!

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