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With the focus of SB-Fitness Magazine being Santa Barbara itself, we are always hoping to find members of our community who dedicate their time on making this place a healthier environment for all! Luckily, we found a Santa Barbara native who has spent much of her life improving herself and those around her. Rebekka Putnam has taken the initiative to lead her community to a healthy lifestyle through her program that she has created. We were able to take some time

SB Fitness: How long have you been working in Santa Barbara?

Putnam: I am a native of Santa Barbara and have been working as a hypnotherapist since 1998.

SB Fitness: What is your area of focus in Santa Barbara?

Putnam: It is my passion to inspire, educate, and empower others to realize their full potential, whether it is physical, emotional, or financial.

SB Fitness: How long have you been working in the area of health and wellness in Santa Barbara?

Putnam: I started working as a hypnotherapist in 1998, but previously I worked in Los Angeles as a youth counselor supporting and guiding physical, emotional, and academic wellness.

SB Fitness: What specific types of programs have you worked with?

Putnam: SmokeFree SuccessTM is the first launch, but I have two other programs in the works; one for quitting gambling and one for weight release. 

SB Fitness: What inspired you to start this SmokeFree program? 

Putnam: As a former smoker, and the daughter of a lung cancer survivor, I am committed to inspiring others to a healthy lifestyle. 

SB Fitness: How did this program affect your life when you were going through the process of quitting? 

Putnam: In my private practice I receive many inquires for quitting smoking.  There are occasions when either location or finances keep them from scheduling private sessions with me.  I wanted to bring the health and freedom one gets from quitting smoking to as many people as possible.  By turning my private practice smoking cessation protocol into a digital program, it is now available to a broader audience, it’s more affordable, and it’s convenient for the user. This program took three years to develop from concept to launch. I have been smoke free for 14 years.

SB Fitness: Did other Wellness Programs help lead you on the path to creating this program?

Putnam: Yes.  When I was a smoker this program didn’t exist.  So I resourced all that was available to me to quit.  I practiced self-hypnosis and attended Nicotine Anonymous meetings.  Nicotine Anonymous no longer exists in Santa Barbara.  I am an advocate of 12-step philosophy.  But group work may not be for everyone.  So I have created a private and convenient way to change unhealthy habits and patterns.  SmokeFree SuccessTM is based on my 14 years of experience supporting clients in quitting smoking, and staying quit. I have evaluated what works and systematized it so that it can reach a broader audience for whom private sessions may be inconvenient or unaffordable.

SB Fitness: Do you see the same changes in your clients that you saw in yourself when starting the program?

Putnam: Yes. Physical improvement is almost immediate and my clients are in awe at how easily the cravings are removed.  They experience daily relaxation and stress reduction from listening to the hypnosis sessions, and they gain the tools to manage life without the reliance on cigarettes.

SB Fitness: Besides stopping to smoke, in what other ways does this program change people’s lives?

Putnam: My clients report having less stress and more energy, feeling more confident, and having an overall healthier outlook on life.  They find their relationships are better, their communication is improved, and they have more time to enjoy a healthy and fulfilling life.

SB Fitness: How does this program affect people’s lifestyles when it comes to health, wellness, and fitness?

Putnam: Smoking affects every part of the smoker’s life: professionally, athletically, and socially.  The physical consequences of smoking are undeniable: loss of breath, chest pains, aching lungs, poor complexions and facial wrinkles, circulatory problems, emphysema, cancer, and even death.  Not to mention the smelly clothes, hair, car and home. The benefits of SmokeFree SuccessTM are enormous.  One experiences a newfound freedom with energy for exercise and activity.  Self-esteem rises, relationships improve and there is renewed enthusiasm for life. 

SB Fitness: Do clients stop smoking forever after this program or are they likely to go back to old habits?

Putnam: This is a three-part program to quit smoking and stay quit. The user will discover the needs being met by their smoking habit and generate alternative ways to meet those needs so smoking is no longer an option.  They also clear the past of feelings of shame, guilt and resentment to create forgiveness and acceptance and be free of the emotional triggers for smoking.  This is quite empowering.  Once they know they can make different choices, then their old habits and patterns will not keep repeating. Additionally, at the completion of all three parts there is a bonus session to anchor their current smoke-free success and carry their new behaviors into the future.  

SB Fitness: About how many people has this program been successful for?

Putnam: My private practice protocol that SmokeFree SuccessTM is bases on has a 90% success rate. This newly launched program has been received very enthusiastically by our community.

SB Fitness: Why use hypnosis to quit?

Putnam: It is a proven smoking cessation method without the need for pills, gum or patches.  90.6% success rate for smoking cessation using hypnosis, according to the University of Washington School of Medicine. Hypnosis is three times as effective as patch and 15 times as effective as willpower says the University of Iowa.

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