Cathi Lamberti


Cathi Lamberti is the inspiration behind Sportwall International, a company providing interactive fitness games for children of all ages that combines fitness with technology and social interaction. Cathi approaches her business with a professional yet fun attitude, conveying to the community that health and fitness deserve camaraderie and entertainment.

Occupation: CEO of Sportwall International

Resident of SB since: 1989

Favorite Local Restaurant: Montecito Café

Favorite Sport/Hobbies: Hiking, gardening, being outdoors

Favorite genre of music: Blues

Where I see myself in ten years: I have another business plan in mind that I hope to execute over the years. Being from South Africa, I want to give 3rd World Countries a chance to grow economically by empowering, mentoring, training, and funding young entrepreneurs.

My inspiration around the Sportwall business: I have an extensive background in entrepreneurship, but I’m also a child at heart and love to have fun, so I wanted to bring a business to people that will benefit them while making them happier as well. It is extremely important to a deliver a form of exercise that is fun to do. If people continue to grow up in an unhealthy environment, there will be large consequences on our economy. An inactive generation will not be able to support the legacy of this country. So, the goal of creating Sportwall is to create a business that hits the heart of the health and economic crisis while allowing people to have fun.

My goals for the future of Sportwall: We plan to continue to spread public awareness of Sportwall as a healthy public company with a high ethic. We want to ensure customers and players that we have a good shareholder value with products that protect the environment and benefit our customers on both a short-term a long-term basis.

My favorite Exergame: I love the Performance PT because it is so versatile. It has dimensions that haven’t even been discovered yet. We also have a new multi-player dance game coming out next month that we are very excited about. People love to dance, but not necessarily love going to dance clubs. So this will allow people to enjoy the fun of dancing with others and getting a great workout at the same time.

My definition of “healthy”: I believe in “healthy body, healthy mind.” Being healthy involves having physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health, and having a good, stable balance.

The changes I would like to see in Santa Barbara’s fitness community of over the next ten years: I hope the fitness community becomes more mainstream and not just for the small percentage of those who can afford the expenses that go along with exercise… I would love to see health and fitness become much more accessible. I also feel that fitness should be more entertainment-based and social-oriented. Having fun should a more vital part of exercise in this community.

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