A mom? A runner? A triathlete? Where Do You Belong?

A Mom? A Runner? A Triathlete? Where Do You Belong?

If you weren’t already aware, Santa Barbara has a HUGE fitness community (and really beautiful people…it must be something in the air). Santa Barbara holds a number of athletic events ranging anywhere from night runs to ocean swims. These events are a great way to be involved within the athletic community. In addition, there is a large array of athletic teams and clubs in which the problem for many becomes which to join. Many teams and clubs in town offer coaching, individual training, team unity, fundraising opportunities, discounts and more – but it is important to note that each one is different in its own way. I know it sounds cliché, but it is true and it is important to find the one that best suites you! In order to help with your club/team picking journey, I have highlighted a few in town to jump-start your search.

Santa Barbara Iron Team

Moms in Motion – Santa Barbara
We all know how tough motherhood can be (Okay, maybe we ALL don’t know, but we can imagine). Balancing motherhood with personal interests, a career and fitness is a challenge facing many moms.

Dating back to 1999, in our very own Santa Barbara, Jamie Allison founded Moms in Motion. An organization that encourages moms to take care of themselves first in order to take care of others. It started off as a triathlon team and soon made its way to becoming the #1 fitness community for moms across the Nation. Their goal is to provide and ensure support through a social and fitness centered community.

Moms in Motion is a national organization but, lucky for all of you Santa Barbara moms – you have not just one but TWO awesome coaches, Jamie Allison and Whitney Bruise, to coach you through your fitness journey. Jamie Allison, as previously stated, is the founder of Moms in Motion and Whitney Bruise is a local Santa Barbara mom, coach, therapist AND triathlete. Allison and Bruise train their “moms” for all kinds of events from small hikes to marathon runs. Moms of all fitness abilities are encouraged to join. If you love being social, getting healthy, getting fit and spending time with moms that are just like you – Moms In Motion is waiting for you.
Check out their website for more information on how to join and get involved http://momsinmotion.digifit.com/mim/


Santa Barbara Running and Racing (SBRR)
Santa Barbara Athletic Association (SBAA) has been around since 1948 and started gaining popularity as the “running boom” took action in the 70s. It has trained many notable runners and has been successful in running competitions for many years. According to their website they have, “outlashed and outlived many other running clubs without going bankrupt, becoming superannuated or simply disbanding through lack of interest.” Basically, they’ve been up and running for quite some time.

Rusty Snow and Mike Swan, two running fanatics, have organized a training program and racing team for runners through the SBAA called the SBRR (Pretty easy to remember). Their program consists of two coached workouts a week that are adapted to each individual and dependent on their upcoming races. SBRR is a great place to enhance your running abilities and meet great people in the process. If you’re a serious runner who is looking to be coached by some local running greats, this might be the perfect fit for you.

The SBRR posts practice locations on their blog, http://sbrunrace.blogspot.com/. You can also find more information about upcoming races, upcoming events and how to sign up at https://sbrunning.org/.

Santa Barbara Triathlon Club (SBTRICLUB)
If you’re like me, participating in a triathlon is… highly unlikely. But, if it is for you, you may want to consider checking out the SB Triathlon Club. It is one of the larger clubs in the area that was re-established in 1997 and has a long history of supporting triathletes in Santa Barbara.
They have a board of officers in order to direct the club, a consistent schedule of workouts, local sponsors and multiple race discounts. But, whether it be swimming, biking, or running, most of all – they love to have fun. They have that work hard play hard mentality – which is common amongst the people of Santa Barbara. If you are looking to meet other multi-sport athletes, train with the some awesome coaches and socialize along the beautiful beaches of Santa Barbara then travel on over to their website, http://www.sbtriclub.com/, because the SBtriclub might be exactly what you’re looking for.

Santa Barbara Iron Team

Santa Barbara Iron Team (SBIT)
The SBIT is one of the newer triathlon clubs in town – formed in 2013. It started off as a group of 7 triathletes who were training to participate in the Ironman triathlon in Nice, France. Zack Bertges took it upon himself to coach the team and has since then done it all. He created the SBIT website, team structure, training style and deals with all things SBIT – basically he’s a rock star.

Their goal is not to compete with other clubs in town but rather focus on having a unique and personal experience that isn’t offered anywhere else. Not only do they train hard for upcoming events, but members of the SBIT also give back to the community. For example, while training for the Ironman Colorado, they provided events for the kids of United Boys & Girls Clubs of Santa Barbara.

The SBIT is no doubt filled with superb athletes, I mean c’mon they participated in the Ironman triathlon in Nice, France!!! But, they welcome beginners and advanced athletes all-the-same and really appreciate the camaraderie of the team. If you’re a first-time triathlete or working towards your 10th Ironman triathlon, I encourage you to check these guys out at http://santabarbaraironteam.com/.

In closing, this is not ALL of the clubs and teams in town, and these might not be what you are looking for. Some people like being serious, some like spending time with friends and some might want to hang out with a bunch of moms – it is really up to you (you are the one paying for the membership).

Oh, and one last thing, if you like drinking beer, messing around and “running” – check out the Santa Barbara Hash House Harriers, they’d probably be perfect for you!

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