What to Do If Bitten by a Tick

The trails in Santa Barbara, CA are beautiful and amazing this time of year, especially after our recent rainfall. We must, however, share them with many other creatures including ticks. May through June and October through December are the designated tick “seasons,” but ticks are present year-round. Ticks can transmit certain diseases through their bites including Lyme disease and a number of known coinfections.

Lyme disease is the fastest growing vector-borne infectious disease today. It has been reported in all 50 US states and more than 65 countries. There are 329,000 new cases each year in the US. On the West Coast, Lyme is carried by the Western black-legged tick, more commonly known as the deer tick, which is prevalent in the Santa Barbara area. Its primary host is the gray squirrel.

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SBF Spotlight Questions

1. First off, for those who don’t know much about you, can you give us a quick introduction? Sure! Hi, I’m Meredith Garofalo, your friendly neighborhood meteorologist that tries to add a little extra sunshine to your forecasts on KEYT and Fox 11 in the mornings.  I love to sing, dance, and just appreciate and enjoy life.

2. Tell us a little about your path in the fitness industry – how’d you get to where you are today in your area of expertise? I’ve always enjoyed fitness as I played sports growing up so working out and being active has always been a huge part in my life. I played intermural basketball and softball growing up and did basketball, volleyball, and track (shotput, discus, and pole vault) in high school.  Now, as a public figure working in television, it’s important to set a positive example and so I make staying fit and healthy a priority so I can inspire others.

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A mom? A runner? A triathlete? Where Do You Belong?

A Mom? A Runner? A Triathlete? Where Do You Belong?

If you weren’t already aware, Santa Barbara has a HUGE fitness community (and really beautiful people…it must be something in the air). Santa Barbara holds a number of athletic events ranging anywhere from night runs to ocean swims. These events are a great way to be involved within the athletic community. In addition, there is a large array of athletic teams and clubs in which the problem for many becomes which to join. Many teams and clubs in town offer coaching, individual training, team unity, fundraising opportunities, discounts and more – but it is important to note that each one is different in its own way. I know it sounds cliché, but it is true and it is important to find the one that best suites you! In order to help with your club/team picking journey, I have highlighted a few in town to jump-start your search.

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Spotlight on Local Santa Barbrian, Rebekka Putnam!

With the focus of SB-Fitness Magazine being Santa Barbara itself, we are always hoping to find members of our community who dedicate their time on making this place a healthier environment for all! Luckily, we found a Santa Barbara native who has spent much of her life improving herself and those around her. Rebekka Putnam has taken the initiative to lead her community to a healthy lifestyle through her program that she has created. We were able to take some time

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Life As An Outrigger Paddler: On And Off The Water

You may wonder, just as I did, what exactly is Outrigger Paddling? While this sport, or as some say, “way of life,” may seem foreign, Outrigger Paddling is an international sport that has been around for many years. This team and individual sport plays a huge role in many people’s lives, including a few paddlers I had the pleasure of chatting with, Juliet Jones, Corey Simpson, and Carol Shick. Fortunately for us, these experts took the time to answer some questions about Outrigger Paddling to help us get a better sense about what Outrigger Paddlers do!

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Why be Lazy when you can be Crazy? The Crazy Fit Challenge May 18, 2013

For most college students a typical crazy weekend entails staying out late, partying all night, and letting loose after a long week of class, homework, midterms, and papers. However, this particular weekend presented a different type of crazy. This past Saturday, May 18th I experienced a new kind of crazy when I participated in The Crazy Fit Challenge. As Santa Barbara’s only obstacle course race, the Crazy Fit Challenge is composed of a 1.5-mile obstacle course complete with a variety of challenging obstacles that are kept secret until the day of the event. Runners may complete anywhere from one to four laps of the course depending on their personal fitness level and goals. The difficulty of the Crazy Fit Challenge is further enhanced, as participants must conquer not only obstacles, but also the challenging natural terrain offered by Elings Park where the race is held.

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The Fitness Benefits of Tennis and Where to Find a Game in Santa Barbara

Blessed with near perfect weather almost 365 days of the year, Santa Barbara is a fitness lover’s paradise. With no snowy storms or freezing temperatures to discourage you from hitting the great outdoors, it’s no wonder that Santa Barbara residents always seem to be out and about engaging in some sort of activity. Whether it’s a hike, a jog, or just a stroll down beautiful State Street, Santa Barbara residents are among some of the most active people in the

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Workouts for the Trail for Hikers of All Levels

“Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.”- Ralph Waldo Emerson

In the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives, there is no question as to why hiking is a beneficial workout. Hiking is a breath of fresh air from crowded gyms, intense and busy work days, and the overall fast-paced lifestyle in which most of us live today. From the fresh air, the trees, and great views, hiking presents new challenges and experiences and exposes you to your local environment. Hiking can also improve physical and mental health, and can be a fun social activity for you and our friends or workout buddies. 

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Local non-profit encourages kids to Sprout Up

In today’s age of technology, its likely that a child in elementary school would be more concerned with the preservation of their Angry Birds score on their mother’s iPhone than the preservation of real birds in their community. In fact, the concepts of preservation and sustainability rarely cross the minds of modern children, except perhaps in a few lessons about the environment and recycling during their science units. Fortunately, Sprout Up – a local non-profit organization – is bringing environmental education to our young ones, and giving them the credit that they deserve.

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