Proteins Greens & Grains: Silvergreens’ New Balanced Menu

Last month, Silvergreens released a new “Proteins Greens & Grains” menu, aimed at simplifying the search for a healthy, balanced meal (while keeping it tasty). The menu consists of interchangeable entrees and sides, giving guests the opportunity to mix and match while staying balanced. The new menu is fun, fresh, healthy, and most importantly, delicious.


Silvergreens invited me to experience their menu first hand. I was quickly faced with the bittersweet honor of choosing only three of their various delicious options. I ended up choosing the Southern Fried Crispy Chicken from the protein menu, matched with Bacon Roasted Brussel Sprouts and Pesto Caprese Couscous. I was satisfied to know that I was choosing from a predetermined set of nutritious options, and still got to follow the instincts of my taste buds.

What’s great about this menu is how unlimited it feels. Often when trying to eat healthy, a lot of creativity and recipe searching are required to obtain a tasty and healthy meal. The “Proteins Greens & Grains” menu provides the customer with the opportunity to create a meal tailored to their own preferences. The “Proteins Greens & Grains” menu is for the chicken lover, the kale advocate, the fish fan, the classic-Caesar-salad type, and the steak connoisseur: it’s for everyone.

The menu (found here offers an overwhelming number of possible combinations for a healthy meal between $11 and $14. It brings affordable variety with the comfort of well-balanced nutrition guaranteed. And, I have to say, I’ve been thinking about the Pesto Caprese Couscous a lot ever since–the whole meal was truly a treat.

If you’re looking for a balanced meal at an affordable price without being restricted by the blandness of health eating, look no further. The “Proteins Greens & Grains” menu has a delicious, balanced meal to make the dreams of your taste buds come true.

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