Outer Aisle Gourmet: Vegetables in Disguise

From the displays in the media to political campaigns, the importance of maintaining a healthy diet is undeniable. Because of this, people are always looking for more creative ways to improve their eating habits, whether its going gluten-free, eating Paleo, or switching to a vegetarian diet. However, in many cases, people eventually find their way back to those not-so-healthy foods America loves so much. So, what’s the secret to finding that perfect balance between healthy choices and our favorite tasty foods? It’s Outer Aisle Gourmet. Outer Aisle Gourmet allows people to improve their health and wellness while eating their favorite foods. Yes, eating a pizza can be good for you! All of Outer Aisle Gourmet’s products are gluten-free, nut-free, low fat, low carb and low calorie. Jeanne David, the founder of Outer Aisle Gourmet, is happy to announce that these delicious but also healthy products are currently available at Whole Foods as of March 6th 2015.

Cranberry_Turkey_Sandwich_ResizeAbout three years ago, David and her family made a life-changing decision to transform their life by focusing on the types of foods they were eating. As a result, they removed bread, a former necessity of their diet. But, soon after, they missed having something to put their turkey on. David tried countless numbers of recipes for “bread-like” products, but none of them seemed to satisfy her. This is where the dream of Outer AIsle Gourmet manifested. David and the team put their thinking caps on and began to experiment in order to find the perfect product to satisfy their cravings and contribute to their health. In June 2013, Outer Aisle Gourmet was born and their products have been growing ever since. David explains that Outer Aisle Gourmet “has been a really fun business adventure, having our family involved has allowed us to grow and learn in many different ways.”

Outer Aisle Gourmet offers two products: veggie sandwich thins and veggie pizza crust. They both have enormous health benefits and are extremely delicious. These bread alternatives are made solely from vegetables, making them gluten-free, low in carbs, low in calories and low in fat. Did I mention they are also delicious? David explains “it has made eating healthy really easy using our products. That’s what has been so nice about having our products, getting a few servings of vegetables using one veggie sandwich thin.” Outer Aisle Gourmet products are vegetables in disguise! David also let me in on a little secret that I would love to share with all of you, Outer Aisle Gourmet hopes to introduce two more products, rice and pasta made from vegetables, within the next year.

Although David is eager to see how Outer Aisle Gourmet transforms other’s lives, she has her eyes on an even bigger mission. She explains, “We hope to inspire people to live and eat the Outer Aisle way and to have our products be the umbrella for the switch.” Outer Aisle eating is creating meals with foods primarily in the outer aisles of the grocery stores, like dairy, fruits, and vegetables. “Our products allow people to have more vegetables incorporated in their diets without even noticing,” says David. Outer Aisle Gourmet products will allow people to improve their health and wellness while eating great food.

Outer Aisle Gourmet has continued to grow over the past 18 months. Currently, Outer Aisle Gourmet products are available in 3 different locations in Santa Barbara; Boochies, Isabellas Gourmet Foods, and Whole Foods! Not from Santa Barbara? No worries! Because of the high demand for their product, Outer Aisle Gourmet will soon be launching their online shopping cart, allowing everyone throughout the US to see what the hype is all about. Their website, www.OuterAisleGourmet.com, also includes nutrition facts, customer testimonials, delicious recipes and more!

Outer_Aisle_Gourmet_Whole_FoodsOuter Aisle Gourmet is a great way to kick start your healthy lifestyle! The products are delicious, gluten-free, nut-free, low fat, low carb and low calorie! What more could you ask for? Jump in your cars and head on over to Whole Foods. Vegetables in disguise are waiting for you!

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