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office corner junkieWith the exception of Paris Hilton and a few other assorted beneficiaries, we will all have to live the crunch of a full time job at some point in our lives.  Typically, this job will involve waking up to an unwelcome alarm, speeding through grooming and preparations for work, rushing off to work, and punching in the timecard as soon as possible.  Unfortunately, on top of the unhealthy stress most jobs induce, our pre-retirement years typically foster poor eating habits supplemented by dieting scams from the media, and images of stars whose full-time 60 hour per week job is to be beautiful.  This article will provide guidance on how to boost healthy habits compatible with the workplace, anywhere from a high octane financial management firm, a mammoth defense contractor, or a casual dot-com environment.


We start with a firm requirement and a guaranteed metabolism booster: Breakfast.  Do not skip it. Period.  Kicking your body out of starvation mode and preparing for the full calorie-burning day ahead of you, is a must.  There are some very simple ways to accomplish this feat faster than you can send your own personal Lundburg a nasty-gram.

Option 1.  On Sunday night, prepare a simple scramble using 1:1 ratio of Egg Beaters to whole eggs (or less real egg depending on your cholesterol levels) on top of a whole wheat tortilla.  Briefly heat some broccoli or other green or red veggies prior to pouring the eggs in, for a healthy addition of vitamins, antioxidents, and fiber.  Muscle-men or women, you can add chicken sausage or ham for a protein booster.  You can make a whole week’s worth in one shot and freeze the rest in Tupperware containers. For the rest of the week, breakfast is only 4 minutes away when microwaved on “high” – enough time to log into your overfilled inbox. This simple dish, which mixes healthy protein, carbs, and nutrient rich vegetables, takes only 15 minutes to prepare. Half a whole wheat tortilla with one egg, ¼ cup Egg Beaters, and a quarter cup of broccoli is only about 170 calories.

Option 2.  Keep a box of individual instant oatmeal packs at work.  Even in the most rudimentary office, you can use a coffee pot to heat the water.  Your calories are already measured for you, and as long as you can do simple multiplication, it’s a no brainer.  Add some fresh blueberries for some cancer fighting anti-oxidants, and you have a 5 minute meal.  The carbs in this meal will metabolize a bit quicker than the protein in Option 1, so be sure to stave off those mid-morning hunger pains with a low calorie snack like yogurt or granola. Many instant oatmeal packets are only around 100 calories each.

The portion size chosen for these options depends on your body composition and lifestyle, so ask a certified fitness trainer or your doctor to determine your daily caloric target, if you haven’t already.

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