C’est La Vie

Vie BottlesAs a strength coach and personal trainer, I know there’s no magical elixir. I’m very careful that what I eat fuels performance and long term health and understand that what’s handy isn’t always healthy. That’s why I’ve become a huge fan of Chia\Vie, an all-natural fruit drink that pairs potent little chia seeds with the convenience of a can.

The sensational smoothie is thick and creamy—since the seeds have been ground—and packed with 2,000 mg of Omega-3 and two servings of fruit. Here are a few other reasons why Chia\Vie has made a believer out of me:

  • The chia seeds in Chia\Vie give me sustained energy during my workouts because they steadily release slow-burning glucose into my bloodstream, allowing me to push myself and still feel great.
  • Chia\Vie is a natural energy drink that does not contain artificial chemicals to fuel me.
  • The drink is vegan-friendly and gluten-free.
  • It keeps me well-hydrated and helps maintain my electrolyte balance.
  • Chia\Vie’s essential fatty acids boost my metabolism and encourage optimal metabolic function, helping me build and maintain lean muscle mass.
  • I support what Chia\Vie stands for as a company; integrity, commitment to giving back to the community, using all natural ingredients to give the world a healthy energy drink, and concern for their consumers.

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When to Drink Chia\Vie

Easy to pack in my gym bag on busy days, Chia\Vie works best for me when consumed 1-1.5 hours prior to my workouts—a mix of long trail runs, hill repeats, long hikes, high-intensity interval training, and lifting weights. This allows enough time for my body to digest the smoothie for full efficacy without potential for stomach cramps. And when I go backpacking or mountaineering, I drink a Chia\Vie before hitting the trail and another whenever I need that push up the mountain. They’re also perfect for longer trips since refrigeration is not required (though I prefer them cold). Available in three delicious and unique flavors—Mango-J, Acerola-Pina, and Banapple-Berry—Chia\Vie makes for an easy afternoon pick-me-up or meal on the run. Maybe I do believe in magic.

For more information, visit: www.drinkchiavie.com

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