Got Milk?

Advertisers claim daily dairy intake can help you lose weight but a study at the University of North Carolina at Asheville proves otherwise.

We have all seen the commercials. A celebrity with a milk mustache. A glass of milk with a cinched waist. All of these ads claiming that by drinking at least 8 oz. a day of low fat or fat free milk can help you lose weight. Recently, however, this claim has come under fire.

A study conducted at the University of North Carolina at Asheville recently assessed evidence from 49 clinical trials that evaluated the effect of milk, calcium, and dairy products on body weight and BMI without dieting. Their evidence showed no weight loss in almost all of the clinical trials. Only five people lost weight.

So how can the milk industry make this claim? This UNCA study suggests the milk industry can say there is an association between drinking milk and weight loss because there is when other factors such as exercising and dieting are included.

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