Can You Hear It?


I looked up and knew I had been caught. “Well, do you think I made the right decision?” she asked me. There was no recovery, I had to admit it. I wasn’t listening to her. She had started her story a few minutes prior, when I became distracted by a group of people riding their bicycles past the table where we sat for lunch.

We are responsible for listening to something or someone else constantly! Maybe it’s our children telling us what happened at school, our boss telling us our project was marginal at best, or maybe it’s our spouse telling us about his/her upcoming business trip. When was the last time we listened to what our bodies were telling us?

What is your body telling you? Maybe it says it’s tired. Maybe it’s been trying to tell you it’s thirsty. Maybe it’s telling you how stiff its muscles feel. Allow yourself weekly, if not daily quiet-time, even if just for a few minutes to scan your body from head to toe. Simply sit-still in silence, take a few deep breaths and mentally scan your body. Notice what areas feel tight, sore or need your attention. Ask yourself the following questions to determine where your priorities lie.

1. Do you experience energy drops during the day?

2. Are you tired and exhausted all the time?

3. Are you feeling overwhelmed every day?

4. Are you unable to concentrate and focus on the task at hand?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, your body is telling you something. There is an area of your life that is out of balance and needs your attention immediately; are you eating healthy food? Are you exercising regularly? Are you over-working? Are you managing your stress? Ask for help from people you trust, or seek help from a professional. Often simply constructing a plan to balance your lifestyle, setting daily/weekly goals and holding yourself accountable will reset your body’s balance in a matter of days!

Next time you are distracted by life and forget to listen to your body and mind, remember that we experience our lives through our bodies. All of our experiences and interactions, both positive and negative are processed and manifested from the inside-out. Just like we manage our finances, relationships and house-holds, we must manage our physical, emotional and psychological health.

Listen to your mind and to your body. You’ll be amazed at the things it will tell you! Make it fun and make it happen!

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