Kevin Durant

This Tuesday, Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder gave a tear-jerking MVP acceptance speech. Speaking for over twenty minutes, Durant revealed the personal struggle he overcame on the road to success. With humble graciousness, the athlete shared his truest strength on and off the court–those who support him and inspire him everyday. From his veteran teammates like Derek Fisher, who encourage him to continuously pursue improvement, to the younger players who motivate him to set a good example, each player received a personalized thank you from the team’s leader.

Beyond those on the court, Durant thanked the OKC staff, and his family for the hard work that went into getting him where he is today. In this speech, KD the MVP became Kevin, a man who worked hard for success, and knew that he wouldn’t be standing where he was if it weren’t for the individuals who believed in him, motivating him everyday–especially in small ways. Multiple times, Kevin references notes left in his locker, short text messages, and simple gestures that assisted him in achieving greatness. We can all be a part of success, through our own determination, or by supporting those around us. Believe in yourself, and show others that you believe in them as well. Today, thank those who have helped you accomplish your goals, and remember that a simple act of kindness can help shape a future MVP. 

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