Get Ready to Embark on a Journey of Self-Love


Screenshot body love 1Loving your body is easier said than done. We are all constantly bombarded by images, advertisements, social media etc., dedicated to telling us what is and isn’t beautiful and who is valuable and who isn’t. With this being a daily phenomenon in our lives it’s remarkable that we even have the self-confidence to get up and continue to take on the day. What’s important to keep in mind is that these feelings of worthlessness based on our bodies, is a learned behavior and it’s about time we as a society, began retaking our lives and start loving our bodies.

          “Because it is learned, it can also be unlearned”– Jes Baker

The tragic impact this is having on young girls is extremely detrimental and continues to keep women stunted and consumed by appearance. But this isn’t just a women’s issue, it affects men as well. Loving your body is important for everyone of all ages, sexes and demographics.

When most 10 year olds are more afraid and concerned with being fat than they are of cancer, war, or losing both their parents, then there is a definite problem in our society that needs to be addressed.

Society continually feels the need to put people in boxes, which diminishes a person’s individuality and own personal beauty. In order to repair society, we have to start with ourselves. Stop nit-picking every one of your features and begin to realize just how unique, amazing, and valuable you are. Once you start doing that you can start enjoying life and loving yourself, and that is truly beautiful.

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