7 Reasons to Travel


1. Traveling broadens your perspective.

When you travel you can see how large and diverse the earth is, you’ll see beauty in nature, culture, and people. But you will also see firsthand how many people are struggling to meet their living needs. Recognizing and seeing other people’s struggles is different than just hearing or learning about them and this experience will broaden your perspective.

2. Traveling can put you in challenging situations that will strengthen you.

Traveling can help you develop skills you otherwise might not get the chance to develop from experience. For example, dealing with strangers and language barriers, or using a form of transportation you’re not used to will help you feel more comfortable in other new situations.

3. Traveling will increase your empathy.

Being in a challenging situation, whether it’s because you can’t figure out how to get where you want, your wallet is lost or stolen, or you can’t understand what anyone is saying, combined with the opportunity to see humans struggling in different regions will really impact your empathy for others. Empathy is a beautiful quality to have, as it will strengthen your existing relationships and help you create new ones.

4. Because getting off your butt now will encourage you to do so again, and again.

You won’t always have the time, money, or ability to travel, so travel when you can.¬†When you have the time and money to spare for traveling, take advantage. Circumstances can change quickly so it’s important to make the most of your current situation. Don’t be lazy! Traveling when it’s opportune will encourage you to take advantage of future situations that will enhacne your life, rather than letting yourself sit on the couch as life passes you by.

5. Traveling will educate you.

There is nothing like traveling when it comes to increasing your education from simple experiences. Talking with locals from other countries and regions will increase your knowledge of culture, customs, and language.

6. Traveling allows you to reconnect with nature.

Connecting with nature is a valuable experience that people often forget to prioritize. When you travel you’ll be exposed to new terrain, new weather, new beauty. You’ll begin to notice how multifarious the world is and you’ll probably appreciate the nature in your home town much more because of this.

7. Taking a break from work will improve your work.

Taking breaks gives you the chance to reconnect with yourself, your family and your goals. Seeing a new part of the world will open up your mind to new ideas and new goals. When you return to work you will return refreshed and with new perspective, which is always a benefit to an employer.

Lauren Cassis

Lauren Cassis

Lauren Cassis is a 4th year Communication Major at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Her love for health and fitness began when she earned her black belt in Taekwondo and went on to become a competitive cheerleader and cross country runner in high school. In her free time she likes running, painting and playing with dogs. Sheis currently an assistant manager for UCSB Arts & Lectures and a member of Gamma Phi Beta.
Lauren Cassis
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