Good Vibrations in Santa Barbara

There’s a certain machine shaking up Santa Barbara’s fitness world, no pun intended. Over the last few years, whole body vibration technology has found its place in local gyms and even spas, providing clients with a number of proclaimed benefits. Whole body vibration machines are used to improve and increase important aspects of fitness, health, and beauty, including:

  •  Blood Circulation
  •  Core Stability
  •  Cortisol/Stress Hormone Reduction
  • Muscle Strength 
  •  Muscle Recovery
  •  Human Growth Hormone Production
  •  Flexibility
  • Metabolism 
  •  Lymphatic Flow
  •  Range of Motion
  • Bone Density 
  •  Collagen Production


The concept of whole body vibration originated when bone and tissue degeneration was observed in Russian astronauts who spent prolonged periods of time in space. To reverse the damage, researchers developed a technology to mimic Earth’s vertical movement of gravity through vibration—stimulating the body’s growth plates, blood circulation, and lymphatic system. This method has recently expanded into the fitness and health worlds, with a variety of both brands on the market and purposes of use. If you’re looking to mix up your exercise or wellness routine, there are many locations in Santa Barbara to go and experience the benefits of whole body vibration.


Conditioning Specialists, a local personal training studio located below Santa Barbara Fitness Magazine, uses Sonic Whole Body Vibration technology for the purposes of muscle rejuvenation and joint pain relief. Like most vibration technologies, the TurboSonic is a machine about five-foot tall with a platform to stand or sit on. Over the years, it has been redesigned with a new sound system and employs magnetic circuit power rather than motors, eliminating common noise complaints made about machines of its kind. Fitness professional Doug Holt, owner of Conditioning Specialists, says that vibration provides clients with benefits ranging from improved flexibility to pain reduction to even sinus decongestion. Like all whole body vibration machines, the TurboSonic can be used without, before, during, or after an exercise routine.

Power Plate

Power Plate is a similar-looking platform to TurboSonic with handles on either side for you to hold on to. Unlike Sonic technology, Power Plate’s vibrations are powered through motors. Santa Barbara Athletic Club and Superior Fitness Center both use Power Plate to complement their clients’ training sessions. Marianne Madsen, personal trainer at Superior Fitness and owner of MadFit SB, says Superior uses whole body vibration to soothe clients’ muscles and get their blood flowing.


VibePlate technology differs from the average whole body vibration machine because it consists of just a flat, low-to-the-ground platform to stand on. It has also found its place in Superior Fitness Center’s Santa Barbara studio, where it is used to help clients strengthen muscles, increase flexibility and range of motion, and stimulate circulation.


The TheraVibe machine is a tall-standing platform that uses motors to create its vertical vibrations. Alchemy Art’s Center, a local wellness center, spa, and café, offers ten minutes on the TheraVibe as one of their services. Aside from the usual purposes of whole body vibration technologies, Alchemy Art’s Center recommends therapeutic vibration to boost their clients’ overall health and wellness and promote anti-aging and beauty. Whether you’re looking to relax, pamper yourself, boost your fitness routine, or soothe your muscles, there are many ways to experience some good vibrations around Santa Barbara. Your body will thank you!

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