Face Mapping: What is Your Body Trying to Tell You?

Face Mapping: What is your skin telling you?

If you could have a snapshot of how well your internal organs are functioning, wouldn’t you want to? Some internal health issues aren’t noticed until later in life because they don’t show any obvious signs in early stages. Problems that could be avoided, reduced, and solved are often made into bigger problems from ignorance and lack of real warning. But if you could learn how healthy – or unhealthy – you are internally, wouldn’t you rather know sooner, than later?

Recently, people have been tuning in to the often subtle changes in the largest organ of their bodies, for telltale signs from their internal, unseen organs. I’m talking about skin. Face Mapping, for example, uses the location of breakouts on the face as indicators of what the body needs. It’s a technique many dermatologists use nowadays, that combines ancient Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda. The underlying principle for face mapping is that certain parts of your face are connected to certain parts of your body.


Looking at the picture above, you can see which areas of the body are relevant to each location of the face, based on the number.

1 & 2 : The Forehead
Acne and breakouts in this area are indicative of digestive issues. Reducing your intake of refined sugar, junk food and excess fats would be ideal to helping your skin clear up in this region. Replace any sugary or carbonated drinks with water to increase your intake of water, and to flush out toxins and reduce your sugar intake.

3: In between the Eyebrows
The area in between the eyebrows is believed to be indicative of the health of your liver. Breaking out here? Cut back on alcohol! Avoid smoking too. You might also have food allergies that are causing pimples to crop up here, as well. Ask yourself if you’ve been eating any new foods lately and cut back to see if your skin improves. Make sure you are getting appropriate amounts of sleep too, so your liver has time to rest properly.

4 & 5: Surrounding the Eyes
Any skin surrounding the eyes is believed to be indicative of kidney health. If you are experiencing breakouts here, make it a point to drink lots and lots of water. You could be dehydrated. Have you been experiencing any back pain in the area of your kidneys?

6: The Nose
The nose is indicative of your heart health. Have you had your blood pressure checked lately? Your cholesterol levels checked lately? Cut back on unhealthy fats and replace them with Omega 3’s and 6’s. Invest in a good B vitamin complex and make sure you are getting at least 30 minutes of proper exercise every day. Your heart does a lot for you, so make sure you’re taking care of it!

7 & 8: Ears
If you’re breaking out around, or on, your ears, this is an area also indicative of Kidney health. First of all, make sure you are practicing good hygiene. Secondly, follow the same steps as listed in areas 4 & 5.

9 & 10: Cheeks
The biggest and most obvious culprit of breakouts on cheeks is simply poor hygiene. Make sure you keep your cell phone away from this area and wash your pillow cases weekly. But all that aside, this is where problems in your respiratory system would come out. Do you have allergies? Smoke? If neither of these issues affects you, then make sure to avoid foods that are highly acidic, such as meat, dairy, alcohol, caffeine and sugar. Add more alkalizing foods such as green veggies to your diet. Cut down on sugar and get more fresh air, perhaps by going for a daily walk. Avoid fast food entirely.

11 & 12: Surrounding Chin and Jawline
Any acne here is usually the result of changing hormone levels. It’s a signature hormone-related breakout spot. While hormone changes are sometimes unavoidable, sometimes they are something to seek a doctor about. Could it be a thyroid issue? Who knows? If this is a really bad problem spot for you, consider seeing a doctor and having your hormone levels tested. However, you can decrease the negative effects of changing hormone levels by making sure you take care of yourself. Get adequate amounts of sleep, drink plenty of water, eat healthy leafy greens and make sure you have an adequate skin cleaning regimen.

13: Middle of the Chin
This area is believed to be affected by the stomach. To help your stomach heal, increase your fiber intake, and decrease any toxins from your diet for a week to see if the area improves. Reduce coffee use, and instead drink herbal teas to help you with digestion!

14: Neck and Under Chin Areas
Any problem areas here are indicative of illness. Your body could be fighting off a virus or bacteria, and the result is breakouts in this area. Make sure you get lots of rest – take naps if necessary and if time allows. Take time to breathe deeply and drink lots of water.

Face Mapping isn’t the most accurate way to identify issues with your skin, seeing a dermatologist is always recommended first. However, if you’re feeling experimental, then you can test out the recommended practices and see if they make any improvements in your skin. Some people have skin that is more sensitive to digestive and respiratory disturbances, and their acne could be cropping up as a result. However, others may need more serious dermatological care and this is important to keep in mind. Face mapping can serve as a guide to starting you off in the right direction of understanding and working with your skin type. Just because you may have hormonal acne on your chin doesn’t mean you have a hormone problem!

Lauren Cassis

Lauren Cassis

Lauren Cassis is a 4th year Communication Major at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Her love for health and fitness began when she earned her black belt in Taekwondo and went on to become a competitive cheerleader and cross country runner in high school. In her free time she likes running, painting and playing with dogs. Sheis currently an assistant manager for UCSB Arts & Lectures and a member of Gamma Phi Beta.
Lauren Cassis
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