Best Apps For Healthy Eating

Eating healthy has just gotten a whole lot easier. Track your daily caloric intake, locate in-season fruits and vegetables, and get the nutritional lowdown on your favorite foods all with the tips of your fingers. Here’s a compilation of the best apps out there that will make eating healthy convenient and delicious.

There’s no better way to get your necessary servings of fruits and vegetables than to enjoy them locally grown and in-season. Locavore locates local in-season fruits and vegetables, accurately identifies location of the fruits ad of the local markets, and lists currently in-season and soon to be in-season fruits and vegetables.

Available for: iPhone, iPod touch, iPad

Cost: Free

My Fitness Pal (Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker)

This calorie counter and diet tracker makes it quick and simple to achieve your diet goals. It not only gives you a detailed description of your daily nutritional intake but also takes into account exercise– either cardio or strength training. Personalize meals, add your own workouts and lose, gain, or maintain your desired weight.

-Tracks Total Fat/Saturated Fat

-Tracks Protein

-Tracks Sodium

-Total Carbohydrates

-Dietary Fiber

-Potassium/Iron/Vitamin A/Vitamin C

Available for: iPhone, Android, Blackberry

Cost: Free


You may be aware that it is important to read nutritional information and ingredients but sometimes it is difficult or time consuming to judge the nutritional quality of food. Fooducate simplifies the process by providing a “grade” (based on the calories per serving) by scanning a barcode or shaking your phone if the food does not have a barcode (such as fruit). It informs you of information that may not be provided at the store such as if natural flavors are added. The app also provides daily tips and a shopping list.

Available for: iPhone, Android

Cost: Free

Healthy Recipes by SparkPeople

This app provides delicious, healthy recipes that include calorie counts. You can easily search by course (breakfast, dinner, snack etc.), cuisine, dietary needs (gluten-free, lactose free, low fat) or occasion (party, Thanksgiving, picnic).

Available for: iPhone, iPod touch, iPad

Cost: Free

MyPlate at LIfestrong

Here’s another calorie tracker that provides extra benefits for a well-worth-it cost. Livestrong provides access to: MyPlate at (companion tool for members of MyPlate), support groups, forums and expert Q&A, and water tracking. It tracks your daily caloric, fat, protein and carbohydrate intake as well as the calories you burn. Livestrong’s calorie tracker will help you reach your weight loss, diet and fitness goals.

Available for: iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android

Cost: $2.99

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