You Can Do 26.2

How To Train For Your First Marathon

(Editor’sNote: This is the first in a series of articles by Kyle Visin that will appear in subsequent months leading up to the Santa Barbara International Marathon.)

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Family Fitness Fun

With School Out, Why Stay In?

Summertime in Santa Barbara spells longer days to play and an endless array of outdoor activities. Here are some recommendations when it comes to embracing fun and fitness while creating happy and healthy family memories.

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A Local TRI-umph

The winning ways of Santa Barbara’s multisport mainstay

Summer in Santa Barbara. Everyone who calls this hamlet home has a favorite way to celebrate the season. Some party through the parade of festivals that fall during these months, while others commemorate the longer days by delightfully doing nothing. For local endurance athletes, however, summer is a revelry of racing that culminates with a singular event—the Santa Barbara Triathlon.

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The Spartan Race Revolution

Redefining what it means to be a weekend warrior

Think remaining committed to working out a few times a week is tough? Imagine the mindset required to train to exhaustion hours a day every day. For thirty-two years. With the high probability of dying when done.

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Weight Training Beneficial to Women

Looking around the UCSB recreation center, one may notice a common divide between the genders. The majority of women, though not all of course, tend to congregate towards the cardio machines and yoga classes leaving the males to dominate the reccen-at-sunsetweight-lifting floor. Weight lifting is extremely beneficial to both sexes. Many women, apparently, seem to be missing this memo. Leaving one to wonder, why do surpluses of women shy away from pumping the iron?

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Santa Barbara Surf

It is no secret that variety is the spice of life. Doing the same activities day in and day out can become boring and tedious. This is especially true when it comes to exercising. Eventually the same old exercise routine of running, weight lifting, biking or swimming becomes stale and instead of looking forward to the next gym session, one starts to dread it. Luckily, Santa Barbara’s prime location by the ocean allows those tired of running laps around the track to partake in one of the most challenging and rewarding sports of them all, surfing.

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Yoga? You’ve been saying ‘OHM’ long before trendydesigner yoga bags became fashionable. Bosu Balls? Ditto. You’ve been bouncingand balancing on that blue dome way before it became the next ‘it’ piece offitness equipment. Such a trend setter would surely know what’s up with SUP.

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Rocking Out in SB

Imagine you are hundreds of feet off the ground, clinging onto sheer rock surface with nothing but a rope keeping you from plummeting to the ground. Or imagine climbing with nothing but the strength in your fingers and toes digging into the crevices of the towering cliff holding you up. The adrenaline rush is like nothing else in the world – and the sense of empowerment cannot be topped, unless of course, you make it to the top of a higher, tougher, rougher peak.

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Martial Arts

“Aeeeeeeee-ya!” He swings his hand down, fast as lightning, and splits a concrete slab right down the middle. Martial Arts conjures up images of sculpted strong men doing push ups with their index fingers, or Bruce Lee expertly wielding his nun-chucks with incredible
speed and precision. The world of marital arts seems to be cloaked in an exotic and mysterious veil, only to be revealed by the masters to the brave and committed.

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Transformation Challenge

Close your eyes and try to imagine becoming a thinner, healthier, and more confident version of yourself in just three months time. Many of us spend a good portion of our busy days wishing we had a little supernatural help to make that dreamy vision come true. Maybe you’re like Li-At Ruttenberg who dreamt about a contest that could give her a makeover and the tools she needed to get in shape. Ironically, Li-At was granted her wish but in a way that she never would have expected. Recently, she and six other Santa Barbara Residents were given the opportunity to experience a true lifestyle transformation, one that can truly last a lifetime as opposed to a fleeting, momentary weight loss. Through a 12 week emotional, physical, and psychological journey, the contestants of the first ever Conditioning Specialists’ Transformation Challenge came to grasp the significance of will-power, fitness, encouragement, and support in claiming their lives back.

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