2013 Golden State Championships

A Transformation Celebration

Thanks in part to it’s eponymous soap opera from the eighties,promo_posterSanta Barbara has long been regarded as a haven for hard bodies the world over. While the soap’s bubble burst long ago, the perception that our town brims with a bronzed and sculpted population remains firm. And why not? Ideal climate, location, and wealth of healthy outdoor pursuits make fitness feasible year round. Not to mention the peer pressure to look good wearing less that a walk along Butterfly Beach presents on a sunny spring day. But come April 20th, the bold and beautiful will have a new stage to star on, the 2013 Complete Nutrition Golden State Championships presented by Global Physique.

Being held at The Marjorie Luke Theatre, the event will be the first of its size and kind since 1989. “We wanted to bring a great show to the community and educate people on what fitness and bodybuilding is all about,” says Wesley Wilson, local personal trainer and president of Global Physique LLC. In August of 2012, Wilson partnered with Binais Begovic—a Swedish actor, international fitness model, acclaimed bodybuilder, and CEO of BMR Sports Nutrition—to form Global Physique with the goal of producing fitness and physique competitions around the world. “We may be brand new as a company but we have years of experience,” says Wilson.

Alisa_WilcoxSo far, over 100 men and women have registered in a choice of six categories. And while there are entries from other countries, the main body are local with numerous first-timers in the field. But if you’re expecting a scene out of Pumping Iron, think more Kelly Slater than Schwarzenegger. “A lot of people get confused about something like this and think everyone will be on steroids and lifting weights on stage, but it’s not like that at all,” says Wilson. “We’re all natural.”

Though there is a Bodybuilding division, many are filling other categories including one for men called Classic Physique. “The focus there is on aesthetics,” says Wilson. The guys are ripped and need to be in very good shape but not oversized. We actually have a height-to-weight ratio to determine eligibility.”

Women will own the spotlight however with Fitness Bikini a category proving popular with entrants and undoubtedly the audience alike. “I’ve competed in two other smaller shows so far and the feeling I remember most is one of empowerment,” says Alisa Wilcox, owner at Social Status Media and registered competitor in Fitness Bikini. An athlete all her life, Wilcox had started to feel the effects of a sedentary desk job after college and sought a solution. “Two years ago, I decided to try a fitness show and began training with Stacey Cooper for three months and loved the structure and results,” explains Wilcox. “I felt challenged every step of the way but the women I trained with were amazingly supportive. It was a fantastic experience.” When asked what message she wants her friends and family to come away with after seeing her on stage, she’s quick to respond. “I would like them to realize that anyone can compete in shows and that it can be done in a healthy manner. All it takes is the right guidance, determination, and passion to be the best YOU that anyone has ever seen.”

classic_physiqueFitness Bikini’s lineup also reveals more than a few mothers who have trained unceasingly to tighten and tone post-baby bodies. There’s even a woman in her seventies traveling from New Mexico to take part.

The event’s other divisions include Fitness Model, Fitness Figure, and Fitness Competition. The latter is a timed, one-on-one contest consisting of ten pull-ups, ten dips, ten plyo jumps (using a 42″ box), and ten kettlebell raises (from ground to top of box) for men and five each for women. The fastest time advances to next round.

All categories are subdivided by height or weight and include a Masters division based on various age ranges. Competitors in each are evaluated on specific criteria by a panel of judges from within the industry, including the famed Fabio.

Along with being appreciated for their finely-tuned figures, a few may find new careers. Companies such as Quest Nutrition, BMR Sports Nutrition, and Better Bodies will be on hand to eye possible new marketing models from the field. Local sponsors and affiliates include the Santa Barbara Independent, WWFIT, Bootycamp Santa Barbara, and Fueled Sports Performance.

Regardless of the results, each entrant will walk away a winner. “The 2013 Golden State Championships offer a chance for individuals to express to their family, friends, and the community, how hard they actually work in the gym and the great results they’ve achieved,” says Wilson. “The event will showcase the successful transformation of lives.”

For more information on the 2013 Golden State Championships and the official Web site, clike here.

Photographs, from top, courtesy of: Global Physique, Alisa Wilcox, Global Physique.

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