Freshman Fifteen Fear


Gaining 15 pounds during freshman year is a fear many entering college have. It is no myth that many students start to gain weight, probably because of the sedentary lifestyles they begin leading at the start of their college career. In high school, lots of students lead active lifestyles. Whether it is varsity sports or whatever extracurricular physical activities Mom and Dad make you sign up for, many high school students are constantly in motion. However, upon entering college many high school athletes either do not have the time or do not have the skill to continue playing their sport at the University level. Instead, the once varsity-athletes end up sitting around, playing basketball on their playstation instead of on the court. Months of laying around their dorm room, snacking on Doritos, and writing papers will make even the fittest high school senior transform into a chubby college freshman. The all-you-can-eat cafeteria food that most college campuses offer only adds to the unhealthy eating habits that students acquire when they do not have their parents watching over their every bite.

But, beating the Freshman 15 is not as challenging you might think. All you have to do is follow the three rules below.

Rule 1: Exercise

First, make sure you exercise. Although exercising seems obvious, many college students don’t find time to hit the gym in between their classes and Mario Kart 64 tournaments. However, exercise is vital to keeping in shape– make sure to schedule some physical work-outs into your routine. Most college campuses have great gym facilities and even better campus clubs and intramural sports teams. You do not have to play at the Big 10 Conference level to play basketball in college. Sign up for intramural basketball team and have a blast playing with your dorm-mates and new friends. Make sure you continue playing the sports you did in high school, which also make for a great stress reliever in between your classes. Also, do not forgot to take advantage of the athletic classes offered and learn a new sport.


Rule 2: Eat and Snack Healthy

Besides exercise, eating healthily and often is crucial to not overeating and gaining excessive weight. It’s important to eat three meals a day, in addition to two or three snacks a day. With all the stress and pressure of college life, many students skip meals which only makes them hungrier later-on, leading to over overeating and to eating unhealthy foods. Eating healthy snacks like fruits and nuts will prevent one from over eating at the dormitory cafeteria.

Without their parents curfew, a lot of students end up staying out late, whether they are studying or just socializing. Unfortunately, many students tend to binge eat unhealthy snacks like chips and candies during these late-hour study sessions. To prevent this, stock your dorm fridge with healthy snacks that provide the energy needed to finish those late night papers.

Rule 3: Drink Water

The advice to drink eight cups of water a day is pretty common knowledge. But when it comes to over-stressed college students… it is essential. Stay away from the sodas and energy drinks that are offered at the dining commons; stick with water. Sodas and energy drinks offer no healthy substance and usually contain massive amounts of sugar. 

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