Inspiration for the New Year

Hike of the Month: Jesusita Trail to Inspiration Point (From San Roque Road)

Jesusita - 4

Length of Trail: 7 miles round trip to Inspiration Point

Elevation: Approximately 1,300 feet

Level of Difficulty: Moderate to Strenuous

How to Get There: Exit 101 north and turn right on Las Positas Road (turn left from 101 south). As you cross State Street, Las Positas changes to San Roque Road. Continue on San Roque Road across Foothill Road for a half-mile and park beside the road near the W.B. Carter Water Filtration Plant. Beyond the gravel parking space on the left side of the road is the trailhead.

(Note: A shorter round-trip option for Inspiration Point can also be reached from the opposite side via Tunnel Road. Visit here for details.)

Jesusita - 2Description: Need some inspiration for the new year? Jesusita Trail offers a quick escape from the hustle and bustle of town and gives hikers a chance to experience the wooded front country and fabulous views of Santa Barbara from the top of Inspiration Point. The trail starts in San Roque Canyon, winding along the creek and several avocado trees. Make sure to veer right and follow Jesusita Trail instead of Arroyo Burro Trail when you meet the junction. The route climbs out of the lower canyon by climbing a road and passing through a horse corral fence. Don’t forget to shut that gate to keep the horses from going to town! The path climbs steeply with several switchbacks and creek crossings, great for a splash of cool water.Jesusita - 3

Continue following the trail up and over a ridge and along the hillside until it spills out onto a dirt utility road. Follow the road under the power lines and make one last push up the hill. Watch the right side of the road for small trails leading to the lookout ridge. Continue climbing while capturing the breathtaking views of the coastline. When you reach the top, sit, have a snack, and enjoy your privileged perch. Those looking to add distance can either continue on and connect with Tunnel Trail or start the hike in Stevens Park and follow the connector to Jesusita. Whichever way you choose, a little perspiration will lead to inspiration any day of the year.

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