5 Summer Foods to Lose Weight

Summer is here! But what if you do not beach ready yet? Then try thermogenic foods.  What are thermogenic foods and how will they help me get ready for summer?

Thermogenic foods are foods that boost your metabolism through a metabolic process in which your body creates heat.  This is called thermogenesis. Thermogenic foods burn more calories and contribute to weight loss. These foods can be complimentary to other weight reduction efforts, such as exercising and cutting portion sizes.

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What to Do If Bitten by a Tick

The trails in Santa Barbara, CA are beautiful and amazing this time of year, especially after our recent rainfall. We must, however, share them with many other creatures including ticks. May through June and October through December are the designated tick “seasons,” but ticks are present year-round. Ticks can transmit certain diseases through their bites including Lyme disease and a number of known coinfections.

Lyme disease is the fastest growing vector-borne infectious disease today. It has been reported in all 50 US states and more than 65 countries. There are 329,000 new cases each year in the US. On the West Coast, Lyme is carried by the Western black-legged tick, more commonly known as the deer tick, which is prevalent in the Santa Barbara area. Its primary host is the gray squirrel.

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SBF Spotlight Questions

1. First off, for those who don’t know much about you, can you give us a quick introduction? Sure! Hi, I’m Meredith Garofalo, your friendly neighborhood meteorologist that tries to add a little extra sunshine to your forecasts on KEYT and Fox 11 in the mornings.  I love to sing, dance, and just appreciate and enjoy life.

2. Tell us a little about your path in the fitness industry – how’d you get to where you are today in your area of expertise? I’ve always enjoyed fitness as I played sports growing up so working out and being active has always been a huge part in my life. I played intermural basketball and softball growing up and did basketball, volleyball, and track (shotput, discus, and pole vault) in high school.  Now, as a public figure working in television, it’s important to set a positive example and so I make staying fit and healthy a priority so I can inspire others.

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Eat, Drink, and Be Healthy? A Holiday Guide to Keep You from Packing on the Pounds

You know it’s coming. The elevator carols are playing, sweets are tempting you at every check out register and desk at work, and you barely have time to sit down for a real meal.  Sometimes it becomes nearly impossible to avoid gaining weight around the holidays.  The weather’s a little drearier, your family is gallantly catching up over a mountainous feast, and you cannot possibly turn down the festively decorated cookies, pastries, and other goods. So how can you enjoy the holidays without packing on the extra pounds? Try this at-home full body workout that’s effective and easy to fit into an already jampacked holiday schedule. In between schmoozing with the folks and setting the good silverware out, you might even keep your jeans buttoned all the way through dessert.

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Strokes of Genius

Long recognized as a low-impact sport that provides cardiovascular conditioning and rehabilitative benefits, swimming also blazes through calories, increases muscle mass, and makes for a stimulating alternative to workouts that have gone dry. But many never bother to learn more than the basics. For those ready to add style to their stroke, masters swimming classes are a must.

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Breakfast of Champions

Doctors will tell you that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but this doesn’t mean that just any breakfast will get you a doctor’s approval. Breakfast is important because it will jumpstart the metabolism, keep blood sugar levels balanced, and has been proven to increase feelings of satiety all day. Not to mention that breakfast gives you the natural energy boost you need to accomplish any day’s work.

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A mom? A runner? A triathlete? Where Do You Belong?

A Mom? A Runner? A Triathlete? Where Do You Belong?

If you weren’t already aware, Santa Barbara has a HUGE fitness community (and really beautiful people…it must be something in the air). Santa Barbara holds a number of athletic events ranging anywhere from night runs to ocean swims. These events are a great way to be involved within the athletic community. In addition, there is a large array of athletic teams and clubs in which the problem for many becomes which to join. Many teams and clubs in town offer coaching, individual training, team unity, fundraising opportunities, discounts and more – but it is important to note that each one is different in its own way. I know it sounds cliché, but it is true and it is important to find the one that best suites you! In order to help with your club/team picking journey, I have highlighted a few in town to jump-start your search.

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Outer Aisle Gourmet: Vegetables in Disguise

From the displays in the media to political campaigns, the importance of maintaining a healthy diet is undeniable. Because of this, people are always looking for more creative ways to improve their eating habits, whether its going gluten-free, eating Paleo, or switching to a vegetarian diet. However, in many cases, people eventually find their way back to those not-so-healthy foods America loves so much. So, what’s the secret to finding that perfect balance between healthy

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Rough Men, Soft Hearts

While many are quick to assume that all biker gangs are rough and mean, these bikers prove us wrong! This group of bikers help aid child abuse victims.

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