Face Mapping: What is Your Body Trying to Tell You?

Face Mapping: What is your skin telling you?

If you could have a snapshot of how well your internal organs are functioning, wouldn’t you want to? Some internal health issues aren’t noticed until later in life because they don’t show any obvious signs in early stages. Problems that could be avoided, reduced, and solved are often made into bigger problems from ignorance and lack of real warning. But if you could learn how healthy – or unhealthy – you are internally, wouldn’t you rather know sooner, than later?

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Keeping Fit in the Fall

Those three glorious months of sun, beach and barbecues are steadily coming to an end. But as students return to school and the weather begins to cool, one thing that doesn’t need to change is your fitness regimen. It might not be bikini season anymore but that doesn’t mean your workout routine slows down. On the contrary, fall is a great time to start and maintain a fitness program that will help you prepare for the upcoming holiday season.

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