Ask the Expert—Erin Holt

Are you feeling overwhelmed with how to workout? Do you want to lose fat, gain muscle, have more energy, get bigger, faster, and stronger, but are confused with all the diet books and conflicting information out there? This two-part series will get back to the basics and take a look at how HORMONES are a huge catalyst to whether fat is being released or stored.

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Supplemental Learning

(Editor’s Note: Steve Edwards is the Director of Results and Fitness Advisor for Beachbody. The article below first appeared in his blog, The Straight Dope, on January 31, 2012 and is reprinted here with his permission.)

I was answering these the other day for staff training and thought they’d make a helpful post for everyone. Basically they are questions we get from most of our customers in some alliteration about taking supplements of any kind. I have no idea who actually compiled these questions but I’ve heard them all many times.

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Ask the Expert—Dr. Izzy Lira

Q: With all of the trendy cleanses and diets out there, can you recommend a way of eating that will kick-start the New Year in a healthy way? I still want to be able to enjoy eating what I love.

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