Are You Tough Enough?

One of the major things that helps keep me on track and action-oriented is to continually take on challenges and opportunities that stretch my comfort level and force me to prepare for the future. Another very important component for me is to share my aspirations with others and bring them along on these new adventures. The experience of chasing after a tough goal is so much more rewarding when you have great friends and family taking part in the challenge alongside you. So, what’s next?

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Resolution Solution

Ah, it’s January, and you know what that means: This year you’re going to stick to your goal of dropping a dress size, putting on some muscle, start waking up at 5AM to run… every day. Why does it seem that each year your goals stay the same, but yet you never seem to hit them?

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Seasonal Sensations

What better place to find the freshest and most trustworthy selection of produce than at your local farmers market? The Santa Barbara County is blessed with a reliable, rotating schedule of farmers markets that are held every day of the week between Solvang, Santa Barbara, and Goleta.

This dependable market system is the pride and livelihood of many generations of farming families and friends, many of whose farms are in your very own city. A few questions and an earnest look around the booths unearth a prime selection of winter crops.

“Santa Barbara’s gentle climate allows some fruits to be produced almost year round, like strawberries,” explains Donna Tamai of Tamai Farms, a fourth generation family legacy based in Oxnard. “But crops that are in season are fresh and much more price competitive.”

Winter in California typically boosts citrus fruits (navel oranges, pomelos, and mandarins), hardy cabbages (like kale, brussel sprouts, and radicchio), some root vegetables (including horseradish and turnips), and winter squashes (acorn squash and butternut squash).

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Sweet by Nature

It seems everywhere you go during the holidays, someone is offering you holiday candy, fruitcakes, pies, or anything they want to get out of their house and away from their lips. Ah, sweet temptation! Although it’s pretty challenging to avoid sweets altogether during this time, you can make healthier choices. Avoid all desserts and confections that contain high fructose corn syrup—which is made from genetically modified corn—and any desserts using artificial sweeteners, all of which are poison to our bodies.

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Parkour Primer

You probably already know what it is, but may not recognize the name. If you’ve seen James Bond’s opening foot chase in the film Casino Royale, or Nike and Xbox commercials featuring urban acrobatics while on the run, then you’ve seen parkour.

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