November’s Race Showcase

This month, several highly-awaited races and events promise rewards to all who partcipate. And while there are many worthy candidates for consideration, here’s our vote:

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Make it Movember!

Everyone expects a proliferation of pink come October. Everything from product packaging to the Green Bay Packers wear the color as a visual call for breast cancer awareness and fight for the cure. To keep momentum moving, November now carries on the crusade against cancer with a style all it’s own—but it’s a look that definitely has to grow on you.

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Craving Control

Why do we crave certain foods?

Our willpower has little strength when our body seeks to balance its blood pH (acidity and alkalinity levels) and maintain nutritional homeostasis. Whenever we experience a craving, our body is trying to restore that balance or to satisfy a nutritional need.

 A centered diet includes foods that are in a balanced ratio of nutrients. Meals out of measure lead to snacking which can lead to further imbalances. And food processing destroys nutrients, resulting in empty-calories which will also throw off our nutritional equilibrium.

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Apps for the Active

Long-gone are the days of dull, repetitive workouts. Whether looking to improve current regimens or gain exposure to new ones, serious and recreational athletes alike can celebrate the slew of fitness-geared smartphone apps available today. From tracking your pace on a run to being guided through professionally designed workouts, these technological tools can be undeniably helpful. Here are just a few popular apps that are helping the electronically savvy phone in, to hone in their workouts.

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7 Tips for a Delicious and Nutritious Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving dinner is a time for family, food, friends and more food. But don’t let anyone fool you—Thanksgiving feasts can also be an extraordinary boost for both your health and spirit. A time where we not only give thanks to our loved ones, but an opportunity to give thanks to ourselves, rewarding the body with what it deserves: delicious and nutritious foods.

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Joanne Bolduc

Joanne Bolduc holds her Master of Science in Holistic Nutrition from Hawthorn University and a certification in Sports Nutrition. Joanne is committed to supporting the health of our community through the volunteer work she does as a nutritional educator in the Santa Barbara high schools, UCSB, Girls Inc., Cottage Hospital and the local chapter of the American Heart Association. Recently Joanne has worked for the Santa Barbara Athletic Club and Santa Barbara Dance Arts as a Nutritional Consultant and Educator. She is also currently working with the UCSB Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences as an educator in the local middle schools. (This is through a 4 year grant for nutrition and meditation.)

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