Putting Your Foot Down: A Practical Guide to Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis (fashee-EYE-tis) is a painful condition of the plantar aponeurosis, which is the fibrous tissue in the sole of your foot. The suffix –‘itis’ means inflammation. The purpose of the plantar fascia is to uphold the arch of the foot by connecting at the inside of the heel bone and flaring down the foot to attach to the five toe bones. When it becomes irritated, it really takes the spring out of your step.

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Imagine Your Way to Fitness

Want to improve your athletic performance, learn new techniques, and enhance motivation all without even lifting a finger? It may sound like a catchphrase of an infomercial for a new miracle product, but visualization is a completely free and effective method to complement your exercise routine.

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Ever feel like your sweaty palms are trying to talk to you? Maybe they are saying “I’m too hot,” or maybe they are saying “I’m nervous.” What would you do if you could actually hear what your hand had to say?

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Sand, Sun, and Sweat!

One may check out gyms, training studios, or an awe inspiring workout class to captivate that summer body we all crave. But with summer just around the corner, I ask you to consider the most beautiful facility that nature has given us; our local beaches. The beach is one of the most over looked locations to get away from it all and let go. Whether it be a day of beach volleyball, kayaking, or simply taking a walk, the beach is an aesthetically beautiful setting which sets the tone for any workout routine you may have. It is uplifting and peaceful, and one can escape or join in with others in various activities. Being near the water also has a very tranquil effect for a meditative and relaxing workout.

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Joseph’s Workout Program

A solid workout program should challenge ALL the essential components of the body. These include:

-Core stabilization & Strength


-Reactive Training


-Cardiovascular System


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